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Spiritual Work

The Spiritual World

There is a mighty truth that has been shielded from many peoples lives in exchange for the distractions of the physical world. This truth is that every living being exists in both the physical and spiritual worlds with the latter being what guides the former.

Imagine that you had a best friend with what seemed like magical powers. Anytime you ask this friend for something they do it and many times they far exceed your expectations.  You can always count on this friend in times of need to be there and trust in the advice they give you. This ally is the best listener you know and supports you through all the triumphs and tribulations of your entire life…

This friend is your soul. The spiritual and everlasting part of yourself that is patiently awaiting the day that you relinquish control from your mind (allowing it to be the tool that it’s meant to be) and allow universal flow to guide you…

You are a soul with a mind and a body to experience and create in the physical world.

When you know who you are you will know what you want and how to get it.

IbogaSoul exists as a safe bridge to cross between these worlds. Whether you are a seasoned spiritual human being or if you are just hearing of this truth for the first time our mission is to assist in the full integration of your physical and spiritual selves.

The iboga medicine along with the shamanistic way we provide acts as unifiers between the physical mind/body and the soul so that our guests can literally become one with themselves and go on the paint the masterpiece of their lives in happiness, clarity and peace of mind.

If there are blocks in your life due to past trauma, depression, anxiety etc then there is a disconnection from your spiritual self. Contact us today to request your health intake forms or complete the short form here.

The best gift you can give yourself is the connection back to you, after that everything else flows into place.

The Spiritual Shower:

The spiritual shower is the first shower all newborn babies receive in the Bwiti tradition right after they are born. It is a beautiful, unique and revitalizing ceremony traditionally done in a river with specific herbs that cleanse the body as well as the spirit. Due to the yearlong freezing temperatures of BC rivers we have been specially trained to conduct indoor spiritual showers with the same spiritually cleansing herbs used in outdoor ceremonies.

Why have a spiritual shower?

As an adult you make your own choices, invite people into your life and decide where and what you spend your time doing. All of these choices affect your physical mind-body as well as your soul/spirit/higher self/energy/chi/prana etc. Each interaction builds up a spiritual/energetic residue much like dirt and bacteria builds up on the body during physical labour.

After a long work day what do you do? Have a shower to clean your body … what about cleansing your soul? Going through life without any regard for spiritually cleansing is akin leaving a soiled diaper on a baby and only changing his clothes! Imagine how dramatically the babies mood and physical well being will be affected in this circumstance. Any glimpses of happiness will only be fleeting as the nagging ‘pain in his bum’ will constantly be there. The baby will fuss and scream, dropping hints that something’s amiss, without knowing how to tell its care givers that he’s dirty. This is the same with your soul except the hints it gives come in the form of mental and/or physical health issues, relationship issues, drama, loss of job and any form of disharmony imaginable. People who have only been taught how to live in the physical world are missing the connection with their spiritual world at no fault of their own.

It is vital to cleanse your spiritual self of all the ‘dirty’ negative energies you accumulate whether through sexual relationships, negative thinking patterns or any external situations.

A spiritual shower offers the ‘bather’ an opportunity to literally wash away negatives in ones life and set new positive intentions moving forward. One is guided to ask that all negatives from within them be washed away and to invite in an abundance of positive life experiences including all of their goals, wishes and desires moving forward. We work with very powerful spirits for this ceremony and many of our guests report feeling “light, refreshed, happy and cleaner then they ever have in their entire lives” afterwards.

When the spiritual shower is completed with 110% sincerity the bather is freed from past spiritual residue. After this cleansing one must only look forward to their bright future and continually use the life tools learned in their iboga ceremonies.

The keys to an effective spiritual shower:

  • Spiritually connected and skilled Bwiti provider
  • 110% sincerity in ones intentions to release negatives and bring about positives
  • A spiritual shower once per year is a great way to keep clear and on track

* Only our 8 day session includes a spiritual shower.

It’s easy to keep the beneficial effects from your spiritual shower by:

  • Keeping your mind clean, positive and peaceful.
  • Listening to and acting on the guidance from your soul.
  • Being aware of who, where and what kinds of energies you put yourself around. (especially sexual partners)