Ancient Spiritual Tradition - Ibogasoul
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Ancient Spiritual Tradition

Way back through the centuries in the south of Gabon there lived a people. These people were the Babongo People or what is now known as the Pygmy People of Africa who are short in stature but mighty at heart and strong in their connection with Nature. Even to this day if you were to venture into the forest in attempts to find their villages you would only find the jungle floor. The Babongo are one with nature and the only way to ‘find’ them is if they allow you to.

The Bwiti Tradition, that we have the honour of sharing a portion of with guests, began way back with these people for they are the ones who first discovered the Earths gift of Iboga…

Imagine back before cell phones and take away containers, before the majority of an entire population communicated via the internet. This was a time when we were one with the natural forces and the questions we asked were answered in the subtleties of every moment. All we need to do is start paying attention again. We offer the tools to ‘fast-track’ you there…

Enter Iboga.

The story of how the Iboga medicine was discovered is shared during our tradition fireside ceremonies during
your session with us.

All providers of IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing invest in themselves by periodically traveling back to Gabon, Africa.

We love the challenge of deeper spiritual exploration and learning from the villagers to share with our guests in Canada. It is humbling to go back to our roots with this root medicine.

It has been long foreseen by the Bwiti shamans that this tradition and medicine would travel to the western world. It is our mission to help manifest these visions by living the Bwiti teachings and offering the original oral tradition and full iboga root medicine to our brothers and sisters in the west.

Experiencing iboga without learning about life itself through the bwiti tradition is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste.

You may still benefit from the experience however you will not know the helpful differences of how iboga is traditionally used.

Our Iboga treatment centre is one of few places outside of Gabon that join the Bwiti tradition,  full traditionally harvested Iboga root medicine and total alkaloid Iboga for healing mind-body and soul in a shamanistic way.