Our Medicine: Iboga Root Bark and Total Alkaloid - Ibogasoul
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Our Medicine: Iboga Root Bark and Total Alkaloid

IbogaSoul only uses iboga that has been grown in our shamans village. There are crucial ceremonies at every stage of the plants life including planting, growth and harvesting done to honour the spirit of iboga. These rituals keep the spirit of the medicine intact with the physical root bark medicine which allows for full spectrum healing.

We extract all of our Total Alkaloid (T.A) from the raw root bark in Canada. There are special rituals included in this stage that we use to honour and keep the iboga spirit within the medicine.

A Total Alkaloid Healing Party

Many clinics treating addicts use the alkaloid ibogaine. Extracting ibogaine is the best step after removing the plant matter which leaves the total alkaloid. Regarding the difference of iboga to ibogaine Mark explains to guests that its like having a family reunion… you’re very excited to be with your extended family and recount good memories but just your cousin Vinnie shows up! Ibogaine is still great but it is not the same as having the total alkaloid healing party!

Under no circumstances do we promote or encourage people to self-administer iboga, especially with medicine from unknown sources.

Similarly, Iboga is medicine not food. If people choose to micro-dose with root bark that is at their discretion. We do not sell iboga.