Life After IbogaSoul: Living the Bwiti Tradition - Ibogasoul
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Life After IbogaSoul: Living the Bwiti Tradition

As mentioned, the Bwiti tradition is the study of life itself. What greater gift do we have other than life itself?

Our guests will agree that the process of healing with Iboga is a difficult journey albiet with rewards far greater than their wildest imaginations. One of these gifts being that the spirit of the medicine continues to work with people after their session is complete.

To study life one must be present in life. IbogaSoul sessions focus on the importance of being real in the reality which literally means using your senses in the present moment.

When you consciously focus on using your senses you begin to study life.

Food looks better, smells better, tastes better and makes you feel alive when you eat in the moment.  Without the mind constantly darting into the past and towards the future you’re allowed to be swallowed by the moment. . . a delicious feast indeed!

Being aware of ones surroundings is the best way to remain grounded after an IbogaSoul session. One challenge most guests report is going back into their home environment. Many guests can be triggered by people, places or memories once they arrive home.

The most important thought to hold is that you have shifted your thoughts, perceptions and understandings towards truth however everyone in your home environment is exactly the same as when you left. This is the place where your troubles were born so it can easily trigger old patterns if you are not carefully aware.

It is also important not to try to convince people of what you experienced with iboga. You cannot make someone understand or take iboga unless they want to no matter how badly they need it.

This must be their choice. The best actions you can take are to be yourself and intrigue them by living these truths.

We have happily welcomed back many previous guests for continued spiritual work.
The ‘rabbit hole’ goes deep.  Every Iboga journey reveals different truths and experiences for our guests to expand their understanding of the multifaceted being that they are.  We are always honoured and humbled to offer this sacred service.