mental detox Vancouver
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IbogaSoul is proud to operate in the exquisite beauty of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

mental detox Vancouver

mental detox Vancouver

IbogaSoul is a mental detox retreat in Vancouver offering the opportunity to heal and re-connect with your spirit. If you find that the anxieties of western society have led you to a place of mental unrest, take heart. There is a place in Vancouver, BC dedicated to helping you once again find yourself.

The Bwiti people who live in Gabon, Africa understand one of the deeper truths that has been hidden from the western culture, exchanged for the distractions of the physical world. This deep truth is that every living being exists in both the physical and the spiritual world, the spiritual having the greater reality. You are a soul with a mind and a body, with which you can experience and create in the physical world. You may have forgotten this knowledge or never really known it to begin with.

IbogaSoul is a safe place to bridge the two worlds. It doesn’t matter whether you are just hearing about this truth for the very first time or you are a seasoned spiritual being- the mission at IbogaSoul is the same: to assist you in the full integration of your physical and spiritual selves.

It’s through the Iboga medicine and the shamanistic way that IbogaSoul acts as a unifier between the physical mind, body and soul, so that guests can become one with themselves and move on from there to fully enjoy life with clarity and peace of mind. For those with mental blocks that are due to past trauma, depression, anxiety or something else, there is a disconnect from the spiritual self. A mental detox at IbogaSoul in Vancouver would be the best gift you could possibly give yourself.

If you are interested in experiencing a spiritual shower, there is no better place to travel to than IbogaSoul for your first spiritual shower. In the Gabon culture, a newborn’s first spiritual experience is the spiritual shower that they receive immediately after they are born. This is a beautiful, unique and revitalizing ceremony that the Bwiti people perform in a river with specific herbs that serve to cleanse the body and the spirit.

The yearlong freezing temperatures of BC rivers are no deterrent to IbogaSoul being able to provide the spiritual shower experience for their guests. They have been specially trained to conduct indoor spiritual showers with the same spiritually cleansing herbs that are used in the outdoor ceremonies.

A spiritual shower might be the mental detox experience in Vancouver you have been looking for. Those who have only been taught how to live in the physical world are, through no fault of their own, missing the connection with their spiritual self and the greater reality. It is essential to cleanse your spiritual self of the negative energies that you accumulate through the relationships of life, negative thinking patterns and external situations.

Consider a mental detox in Vancouver at IbogaSoul. If you’d like more information, visit to learn more about taking a spiritual journey that will lead to mental clarity, finding deeper truths and reconnecting with yourself.

mental detox Vancouver

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