Dual Diagnosis Treatment Arizona
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Arizona

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Arizona

Dual Diagnosis is a very complex disorder that is very hard to fight against. You will go through some hard times if you haven’t already done so. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution; you can undergo dual diagnosis treatment in Arizona. Come to Soul Surgery right now and change your life.

The best dual diagnosis treatment

A co-occurring disorder, better known as COD, refers to a situation where someone suffers from both a drug-related problem and the psychological symptoms of withdrawal related to that drug. With the help of our professional healthcare providers, we offer a warm and welcoming treatment environment for our patients.

Dual diagnosis patients are much more sensitive and vulnerable when it comes to treating their addictions. As such, we need to provide them with exceptional care and attention. Both problems require immediate and simultaneous treatment. We take our mission seriously, and we strive to cure anyone suffering from a co-occurring disorder.

Why rehab is important

With dual diagnosis patients, we have to take into consideration more than just the physical ailment. The psychological health is equally, if not more important in this case. Therefore, we have designed the MedSpa Holistic Treatment precisely with this goal in mind – to help a patient’s soul and emotional state become stable.

The Mental Health and Behavioral Health services of our dual diagnosis treatment in Arizona follow a unique structure – by establishing weekly treatment sessions with the clinical team. Each session implies a personal assessment of each patient’s wellbeing and progress. Based on these assessments and the patient's personal inputs, we handpick only those programs and schedules that best match our patient’s clinical needs.

How can we cure a dual diagnosis?

Simple, by focusing on both layers of the problem, we manage to deal with the substance abuse on the one hand, and the emotional traumas on the other hand. The symptoms of withdrawal do not make up a different problem, but rather, they are the deeper aspect of substance abuse problems.

Dually diagnosed patients are that much more likely to deepen their drug-related issues than normal people. Therefore, one cannot treat the body while leaving the mind in shambles. We have successfully helped many people deal with this co-occurring disorder, and we are confident that our techniques and programs can help you too.

Start dual diagnosis rehab now

There’s no point in waiting for a better chance. A co-occurring disorder can degenerate faster than a normal substance abuse problem because of the unstable emotional status of a patient. With our dual diagnosis treatment in Arizona, you too can have a healthy life at the end of our rehab programs.

Dual diagnosis is part of our specialty when it comes to treating substance abuse problems. We have created special programs and schedules that specifically target such disorders while dealing with each particular problem simultaneously. Soul Surgery is the solution to your drug-related and psychological issues. Come to us now and start the rehab right away!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Arizona
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