Drug Rehab In California
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IbogaSoul is proud to operate in the exquisite beauty of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Drug Rehab In California

Drug Rehab In California

If you suffer from drug addiction and look for a way out, you need to contact our team at Healthy Living today! Our drug rehab in California is your best chance at overcoming addiction and embrace a lifetime of sobriety.

Drug rehab admission and treatment

Most people avoid seeking professional help due to shame or fear of others judging them. Others are simply scared of the rehab process since they have no idea what awaits them during rehab. We'll tell you what to expect so that you can overcome these fears.

Our drug treatment in California takes you through several stages:

  • The admission process – The intake process takes place over the phone. During the call, our professional will ask for valuable information about your case. This includes your medical history, the substance(s) you’re using, the severity of withdrawal, your social and financial status, etc. You will also discuss insurance coverage and benefits and verify the information to make sure everything checks out. If everything is ready, our coordinators will make arrangements for you to arrive at our facility.
  • Detoxification treatment – The detoxification process is a core component in our rehabilitation treatment. It allows our experts to devise a personalized medication strategy that will minimize the withdrawal, reduce cravings, flush the toxins from your system, and prevent relapse. Drug detox is a preparatory phase in the overall recovery protocol, and it’s vital in dealing with advanced forms of addiction.
  • Dual-diagnosis assessment and management – Most patients dealing with addiction also show signs of co-occurring mental disorders. These include depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, OCD, etc. We have a team of specialists diagnosing and treating these issues as part of an overarching recovery strategy. By addressing the co-occurring disorders, we promote long-term sobriety and prevent relapse over the years.
  • Psychotherapies and spiritual support – We have designed the best California drug addiction treatment by incorporating a variety of psychotherapies for sustained recovery. You will undergo individual and group therapies, as well as counseling sessions for mental and emotional healing and support. The aim is to help you achieve a more balanced state of mind, grow more positive, and forge a better path in life post-rehab.
  • Personal development guidance – Our addiction treatment services in California wouldn’t be complete without aftercare support guidance and counseling. Under our care, you will learn to avoid social triggers, remain sober over the years, and work on improving your life in all regards (family, job, hobbies, friends).

Seek drug admission today!

If you’re dealing with severe withdrawal, you need to seek drug and alcohol treatment in California fast. The longer you wait, the faster the disorder will progress, soon affecting your life and the lives on those around you dramatically.

At Healthy Living, we offer you a way out. Our drug rehab in California is your best chance at freedom. Call our team at 661-536-5562 and begin the admission process! We welcome you into a friendly and peaceful environment where you can recover at your own pace.

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Drug Rehab In California

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