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Buy Cannabis Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds

If you want to grow marijuana plants from seed, you may wonder what to look for when you buy cannabis seeds. In this article, we’ll discuss what to look for when you buy cannabis seeds, including how they should look and feel, whether you should buy seeds you find in a bag of marijuana, how to source them, and how to conduct the float test to determine if your seeds are good.

Appearance and Feel

Healthier and genetically better seeds are darker colored - they should be a shade of black or grey, and some may have a tiger stripe on them. Better quality seeds also feel firmer to the touch - place the seed between your fingers and apply firm pressure. If the seed doesn’t break, then it’s probably a good seed. Poorer quality seeds will crack under pressure. If they crack under slight pressure, they’re probably not usable. Immature or young seeds will look green or white. They probably won’t germinate; if they do, they’ll probably take longer to grow.

Should I try to grow seeds I find in a bag of marijuana?

If you buy marijuana and find seeds in the bag, the marijuana may be lower quality, but try growing them anyway.

How to source cannabis seeds

One of the best places to find cannabis seeds is at a seed bank. Seed banks breed seeds well and make sure their customers receive exactly what they advertised. If you don’t have a seed bank near you, you can take your chances buying seeds online or from a hobbyist. You can find good seeds online or from a hobbyist, but if you don’t know them you’re taking a chance on whether the seeds will be good.

How do I do the float test to determine if my seed is good?

The float test is an easy way to determine if your seeds are good. Fill a glass or jar with water, then put the seeds inside it. Wait about 1 or 2 hours, then check to see if they’re still floating or if they’ve sunk to the bottom. If they’ve sunk to the bottom, they’re good seeds. If they float, they’re not good.
One important thing to know about doing this test is that you should only do it if you’re planning on germinating the seeds right away, because the good seeds that have sunk to the bottom of the glass will have taken in water. This tells the seed that it’s time to germinate, so you definitely want to plant these seeds as soon as possible.

These are the main qualities you should look for, and how you can find good cannabis seeds. Buying cannabis seeds from a seed bank is best; If you’re not sure how to find one, you may able to contact a smoke shop in your area and find out if they know of any reputable seed banks or companies that sell cannabis seeds. If you don’t have smoke shop in your area, you can take a chance on buying seeds from someone you know that grows marijuana, but know that they may not be good quality, so you definitely want to check them out and/or conduct the float test. 

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