Arizona Cannabis Shops
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Article provided by: Cannabis Cactus Magazine

Arizona Cannabis Shops

Arizona Cannabis Shops

Finding the best Arizona cannabis shops can be a real toughie, especially since there are a gazillion dispensaries that claim to give the very best. It’s not advisable to make a hasty decision as one can walk right into a potentially horrible experience. 

The only solution to this decision-making quagmire is doing a little research about the top-notch marijuana dispensaries that are rooted all around Arizona. No doubt, one will get a guided tour of the finest cannabis shops and ultimately, it'll be easy to conclude. 

For a quick but insightful visit, here's a list of the top four Arizona marijuana dispensaries one can find. 

Top 4 Arizona Cannabis Shops

  • Tru | Med

Tru|Med is one of the best Arizona marijuana dispensaries. It is clean, luxurious, and highly sophisticated. Conveniently located on 40th Street off the 202, the shop also has remarkable house strains that set it apart. 

Employed to serve the patients are the friendliest and most qualified staff one could ask for. The dispensary also boasts of having happy hour specials and first-time patient specials. With many more goodies in store, patients who check into Tru|Med no doubt leave with smiles on their faces. 

  • The Giving Tree Wellness Center

The Giving Tree Wellness Center is one of the leading  Arizona cannabis shops known for self-cultivating their meds. Since opening in May 2013, they have made a name for themselves as they give their patients access to high-quality medical marijuana and holistic approaches. 

With a cozy waiting room area and compassionate staff, patients are made to feel well at home. They also offer affordable services making, making them accessible for everyone. 

  • Nature's Medicine

Nature’s Medicine is conveniently located off the I-17, ultimately making it stand out from the other competition. They give affordable, high-quality meds that make them accessible to just about everyone. The dispensary also gives a deli-style flow, ensuring that the patients get to see everything they’re ordering. 

Since they’re all about quality, they ensure that all the cannabis medicine they offer is tested. Another thing Nature’s Medicine can boast about is having a quick, compassionate staff who is more than ready to give their patients the very best service. Unlike many other dispensaries, these patients don’t have to wait extensively to get attended to. 

  • Urban Greenhouse Dispensary

Urban Greenhouse Dispensary has made a name for itself with its state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility. It also has the most knowledgeable staff one can find and is known for giving the best discounts. 

The dispensary is super neat and conveniently located, making it appealing and accessible to all asunder. No doubt it is one of the best medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix, AZ. 

Since there are several cannabis shops, it’s an understandable dilemma for people to find it hard to settle on the best place to buy medical and recreational cannabis in Phoenix. However, the internet will lift the burden off their shoulders. All they need to do is a little research and the top dispensaries will come to the surface. 

With the top four Arizona cannabis shops that made the cut, it’s only left for the buyers to contact the one that better suits their needs.

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