Vancouver spiritual retreat
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IbogaSoul is proud to operate in the exquisite beauty of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver spiritual retreat

Vancouver spiritual retreat IbogaSoul is a Vancouver spiritual retreat that offers traditional Iboga treatment for reconnecting with the spirit. For those with addiction, anxiety, depression or those in need of a mental detox, IbogaSoul is able to provide transformation and healing.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a journey to the Vancouver spiritual retreat, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your experience:

- Let your ego walls down. It is through letting go of your established ideas of who you are and how you believe the ceremony is supposed to go, what you are supposed to do and your pre-set ideas of what is right and wrong that can hinder the spirit of Iboga in helping you heal. You must decide to fully release your ego before entering into your Iboga experience. Open your mind and go with the flow of the ceremony.

- Your body must be properly nourished with healthy foods at breakfast and lunch. It is even more important to stop eating after lunch. Your stomach must be through digesting food before the ceremony. Iboga is nourishment for the soul. Your conscious thoughts and actions will also nourish your mind and body.

- You are embarking on a journey to meet with your soul. Shamans in the Bwiti tradition have been guiding people to their souls for thousands of years to help them know who they are and to receive guidance and truth from the spiritual world. It is helpful to make a list of questions that you want to ask your soul. Questions should be constructive for your life moving forward after Iboga.

While you are being guided on your psycho-spiritual journey, the answers to your questions come straight from the spiritual world. The truths that come through in the days following the ceremony are amazing. If you are seeking answers to your questions, it’s essential that you put your trust in your soul. Iboga and an experienced Bwiti healer can be the bridge to your inner healing. When you change yourself, the entire world around you changes as well.

Guests who visit the Vancouver spiritual retreat must remain focused on their personal physical healing and spiritual growth. Remember that you are the main objective. The plant medicines from the African jungle are powerful physical healing remedies when they are used by experienced guides in a physical and spiritual way. Be true to the tradition by focusing on your life. Make it a priority to gain knowledge through experience. Your spiritual journey at IbogaSoul will extend into your relationships, career and life overall, transforming every aspect of yourself.

Iboga is a self exploratory tool that will allow you to re-evaluate parts of your life from a neutral perspective that is brimming with truth! Doorways will open in the subconscious mind where your beliefs, thought patterns, habits and memories can be analyzed and changed.

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