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DOSED Movie featuring IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing

Melborne Film Festival 2019 People’s Choice Award Winner!

Dosed Movie IbogaSoul

Early 2018 IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing house was pleased to welcome a new guest named Adrianne. This young lady, lost in the struggle of opiate addiction, was closely followed by two film makers capturing her story.

Film synopsis:

She had been contemplating suicide. Struggling with depression and anxiety all her life, and addiction for 15 years, her cocktail of psychiatric medications had failed her. With nowhere to turn, she heard whispers of new, cutting-edge research on psychedelic medicine, and decided to try microdosing as her last hope.
Her first dose of magic mushrooms catapulted her out of her depression and into an unexpected world of healing where plant medicines like psilocybin and Iboga are quickly redefining our understanding of mental health and addiction.

This documentary is complete with leading doctors, advocates and healers in the field of plant medicine healing. With one choice to donateĀ you can help make this independent film available to the masses in broadcast quality.

Who will benefit from seeing this documentary? People from around the world who are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandparents and friends in dire need of a solution to the drug crisis that is literally suckingĀ  souls out from all angles.

Adrianne, Tyler and Nick had no idea that Iboga and the Bwiti tradition were available for opiate detox.

Their seeking opened the doorways to us and even more than they could have imagined at the onset of their adventure together. . .

After the film festival circuit look out for this mind opening gem of a documentary on film streaming sites yet to be announced.
(we will keep you posted!)

With love,

The IbogaSoul Family