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IbogaSoul is proud to operate in the exquisite beauty of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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IbogaSoul is proud to operate in the exquisite beauty of Squamish, British Columbia Canada.

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Hello to our valued Iboga Family,


We at IbogaSoul would like to thank you for your extreme patience over the last few months. We recognize that you all have been waiting for dates and we have not been able to accommodate that. The reason being however is very exciting and we feel will enable us to offer all of you a better, safer, well rounded and comprehensive programme. IbogaSoul started from a great desire to bring the amazing healing of Iboga to our Western culture. We of course knew the need was great but like all things we started small and have worked our way up to this exciting moment of expansion. Unfortunately this has caused us to have a small gap in our ability to do retreats. We have been trying to find temporary space during the construction of our new permanent location but this has proven difficult due to our unique needs “and alternative” nature. Our commitment to excellence remains at the forefront, and our dedication to our clients, and their journey’s, continues to be loyal and focused.

For all of you who have submitted your medicals and filled out the on line Application Form, please know that we will keep you on the list for the first available treatment. If this is something you feel you are unable to wait for please let us know. If you are able and willing to wait we will be happy to work with you in the mean time to help ensure you are prepared and ready for treatment as soon as we are back up and running. Please look to our website for exciting updates to come and we love for you to keep in contact with us via email.

Again, Thank you for your time and patience and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

The IbogaSoul Team

Please submit an inquiry form to be added to our list.