Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2018 - Ibogasoul
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Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2018

Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2018

The path to understanding self begins with inquiry…

“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”


This year will mark the 8th journey into evolving consciousness presented by The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.

IbogaSoul is honoured to be a part of the vendors offering information on our expansion, values and offerings. Our entire team will be in attendance at the conference to connect with the gorgeous plant medicine community!

Our Bwiti sister and auther, Elizabeth Bast, will be giving a talk entitled The Evolution of Our Intimacy: An Iboga Medicine Love Story Sunday November 4 from 1:15pm – 2pm. A must see, hear and feel!

Bwiti brother, Chor Boogie, will be showcasing his visionary art at our booth as well!


Watch the live stream November 2 – 4 here: https://spiritplantmedicine.com/

Link to conference schedule: https://spiritplantmedicine.com/schedule/

See you at the show!

With love,

The IbogaSoul Family