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The Journey

IbogaSoul was founded with the passion of sharing this sacred medicine and it's tradition with a world in need of healing.

We are here to serve anyone willing to help themselves create a better life experience by assisting others in their spiritual search for self and freedom from mental, emotional and physical 'bondage'.

We have traveled many times to Gabon, Africa where the Iboga Spirit has gifted the Massango people specialized techniques of guiding a person into the spirit world in order for them to witness/experience truth and resolve personal issues. In their culture children are raised by the entire village and elders are respected for their experiential wisdom. The entire village comes together to dance, sing, take Iboga and connect with the ancestral spirits at weddings, funerals, initiations, rites of passages into adulthood and any other special occasion! This is what makes their culture so strong and their peoples joy reservoirs overflow!

Although access to resources such as running water and electricity is sparse in the jungle our Bwiti family is rich in love and soul.

They know that all human beings exist in two worlds (the physical world and the spiritual world) and, more importantly, that the spiritual world governs the physical.

Witnessing children who know they are spiritual beings creating a human experience of joyful community and connection to ones ultimate purpose (happiness!) is a blessing.

This is what all our guests learn through their iboga experience when they journey with us.

The segregated consumer/media driven culture in the western world has manifested a vast array of mental, emotional and physical ‘dis-eases’ that differ from the cultural issues of Gabon.

When one of the shaman from our village came to the U.S he was flabbergasted that some people needed anger management classes! When he reported this to the villagers they laughed because it sounded like a fallacy partially due to the fact that in their world there is no word for ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety’. Imagine that!

For this reason a special way of treating Westerners has been developed by the Bwiti shaman who have witnessed the needs of societies racked with anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, emotional turmoil and addictions of all kinds.

The treatment approach at IbogaSoul guides one directly to the source of unease in their life: the disconnect from their soul, spiritual side or higher self.

All troubles in a persons physical world are rooted in a disconnect from their spiritual selves; their soul. In many of our guests experience the pain of their current circumstances began with childhood trauma. We empower people with the choice to face that which may be painful but will inevitably set them free...

The truth hurts like a knife straight to the heart but it will set you free.

The purpose of embarking on a traditional Bwiti Iboga healing journey with us is to be guided back to your complete self in a shamanistic way.

Mark and Robyn take their work very seriously when it comes to treating every person who comes through their doors because in their words:

“Everyone we treat deserves to know the truth about who they are. This can help make this world a better place for our children's children's children and on!  A true spiritual connection to oneself is something many of us were raised without. Someone stepped up to show us how to find it within ourselves and now we’re dedicated to assisting as many people as possible learn to trust, love and know themselves.”

Session Options

Iboga is as unique as you are so necessary treatment time can vary with each guest.  We work with the human soul in our psycho-spiritual iboga sessions.  There is truly no end to how ‘deep’ you can delve into yourself.

During our 8 day session guests experience two iboga ceremonies along with a spiritual shower native to the Bwiti tradition. The value of coming for this all-inclusive retreat is the time guests have to relax and reflect on their lives, something most people have NEVER taken time to do!

For returning or qualifying guests we occasionally offer a 3 day session consisting of one ceremony. After every Iboga treatment it is necessary for guests to stay within our care for a minimum of 24 hours. This is what we refer to as ‘The Recovery Day’. On recovery days our staff routinely checks in to feed, listen and counsel as this day can offer many ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ on the physical,mental/emotional level.
We serve local and organic whenever possible and cater to food preferences of all guests.

IbogaSoul offers ceremonies based on qualifying health intake forms.
Complete our intake form or send us an email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

How to prepare for a psychospiritual journey with IbogaSoul

1. Decide 110% to work on yourself with us and Iboga. This journey will take work on your part. If someone is not ready to dig deep into themselves then it is best to wait until they are before booking with us.  The Iboga spirit will begin working with people who show commitment to their healing by making a firm decision to better themselves.

2. Write a list of questions. Create constructive questions that will aid you in resolving problems in your life. Examples are:
“How do I trust myself/others?”
“How do I stop caring what other people think of me?”
“What is the purpose of my life?”
“Why do I constantly judge myself in negative ways?”
“Is there anything that’s holding me back from happiness?”

Note: There is no specific diet regimen necessary for our guests prior to their Iboga treatment.
If you eat meat keep eating meat and if you’re a vegetarian/vegan then all the power to you! We respect everyones lifestyle choices and always accommodate dietary requests with organic locally sourced foods when possible.

Ceremony Night

‘Click here to learn about the fireside ceremony.’ (link to ‘The Bwiti Tradition’ page)

On the night of ceremony our guests will sit together outside around the fire (weather permitting) or around a candle/fireplace inside. Either way the important part of our ceremony is sitting together with the spirit of the fire an talking about life in a group counselling setting.

The iboga medicine is given to everyone in the ground up raw root bark form as well as total alkaloid extraction (TA). Every persons toxic buildup in their body and mental rigidity is different which was taken into special consideration during our shamans training therefore we dose based on a persons tolerance and not on their body weight.

Once a person has reached the right amount of medicine for them they will lay on a mattress in the ceremonial temple and tune into the Bwiti music we’ve recorded from the temple in Gabon. Iboga will be the journeyers limousine while the music acts as the driver taking each guest exactly where they need to go. All a person needs to do is sit back and be the ‘superstar’ of their journey.