Complementary Plant Medicine Therapy - Ibogasoul
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Complementary Plant Medicine Therapy

The Earth has gifted us everything we need to thrive. Food, medicine, water and shelter.

Nature was the first pharmacy.

Everything we need comes from nature. Everything we want comes from nature… but we are nature! When you abuse nature you pay the ultimate price: misery.

IbogaSoul uses complementary plant medicines during each session. We tailor each guests treatment protocol depending on their needs. For example when a person is struggling with anxiety and depression we recommend using lavender essential oil due to its proven effectiveness at alleviating anxiety and reducing depression.

Essential oils are a gift of the Earth just as Iboga. We are proud to use the organic, fair-trade, high quality dōTerra essential oils at IbogaSoul.

Each guest room is equipped with an essential oil diffuser and the proper therapeutic oils to assist their healing journey.

Everyone can opt-in for a free essential oil consultation with Robyn and qualify to receive 25% off our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.