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About Us

Since IbogaSouls inception in 2014 we’ve been successfully treating many people in their reconnection back to themselves. Check out our testimonials page to read what past guests have to say.

Providing Iboga in its traditional shamanistic way that the Bwiti from Gabon Africa still practise today  is our passion.

In October 2014 Mark passed his final test with his shaman which marked the completion of his apprenticeship, and was given the shamans blessing to treat people with Iboga. Up until this point there are only 7 people who have passed this intense training!  Up until his graduation Mark listened to his shamans guidance in not administering Iboga to anyone before being properly trained.

When we accept a guest for treatment we take the responsibility very seriously because they are essentially coming to heal their life.

The success of IbogaSouls treatments is a testament to Marks dedication, respect, understanding and connection to the spirit of Iboga and everyone whom we treat.

We are honoured and very happy to offer this powerful physical, mental and spiritual healing to people in need.

Do you or someone you know need a total ‘reboot’?
Are you stuck and keep making the same bad choices?
Is there a part of you searching for something more?

We are confident that if it is truth you are seeking that we can open those doors.

Fill out our short health form and we will contact you soon.