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About Us

IbogaSoul’s inception (2014) has successfully assisted countless people categorically improve their lives.


Mark C. Howard: Iboga Provider, Co-founder of IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing

Mark specializes in providing Iboga root bark as well as it’s total alkaloid extract along with the African spiritual tradition, Bwiti,
to seekers in the west searching to heal depression, PTSD, anxiety, addictions and to reconnect with their soul.  He has spent nearly 5 years in Vancouver BC with his team treating 100’s of people in medically supervised sessions using this shamanistic way of healing the body, mind and reconnecting the soul. Initiated into the Missoko Bwiti as well as completeda Rite of Passage into manhood in Gabon, Africa.
Mark and the IbogaSoul team are featured in the award winning documentary Dosed Movie (2019) (www.dosedmovie.com) capturing the emotional fury of a young woman looking to cure opiate addiction with plant medicines because pharmaceuticals weren’t working.  Mark has been trained in the Bwiti tradition by shamans in Gabon, Africa and maintains deep rooted integrity to withhold the tradition in the western world.




Robyn Howard: Co-founder of IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing

Sharing traditional spiritual knowledge of the Bwiti tradition and touching upon the ancient art of Dagara ancestral divination as taught by the late Elder Malidoma Somé, Robyn humbly serves to help guests reunite with their inner guide and the plethora of spiritual assistance awaiting them.

Bwiti initiate in Gabon, 2013. Rites of Passage, 2015. 
Spiritual Wedding to Mark Howard Gabon, 2015.




Patrick Fishley RN: Nursing Director and Medical Liaison

Rn, BScN CC.  27 years in ER/ICU experience dealing also with Mental Health illness and addiction related care protocols. Involved as nursing supervisor with Liberty Root Ibogaine since inception 2013 up to now including IbogaSoul as Nursing Director and medical liaison. Key nursing facilitator for Fast Track system ,within acute ER setting, which has been adopted as Minor Treatment, utilized by Interior health.  11 years with Legacy of Sight and Transplant team at Vancouver General Hospital. Graduate of Being True To You coaching program.
Click here to watch E.Bast interviewing Patrick. 


Michelle Fishley: LPN for 13 years and head booking manager for IbogaSoul. Michelle exercises care and due diligence to assist guests in applying for Iboga treatment. Along with husband, Patrick, this dynamic duo extends IbogaSoul’s values of helping others help themselves create a happier life. Graduate of Being True To You coaching program.




Elizabeth Bast is the author HEART MEDICINE: A True Love Story, an intimate memoir about her and her husband’s healing experience with iboga. Bast now serves as a holistic coach specializing in sacred earth medicine support, addiction recovery, visionary life design. Bast is a recipient of a Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance grant from the psychedelic feminist organization Cosmic Sister and a member of Cosmic Sister’s Expert Advisory Circle. She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change and completed the transformational coach training program with Being True to You. Bast, along with her husband, artist Chor Boogie, traveled to Gabon multiple times after their initial healing where they experienced a traditional Bwiti initiation, rite of passage, wedding, and immersive healer’s training. They are educators and advocates for iboga, sacred medicine sustainability, the Bwiti tradition, indigenous people’s rights, drug policy reform, and holistic addiction treatment.

Chor Boogie, a.k.a. Joaquin Lamar Hailey, is a critically acclaimed artist. His visionary murals and art exhibitions have appeared all over the globe at museums, galleries, and public events. Chor also serves as a consultant and facilitator for interactive art installations, creativity workshops, and flow state exploration. Chor integrates traditional African imagery and elements of his iboga visions in select contemporary works, visually transmitting the very heart of the medicine and the Bwiti culture of healing. In 2014, Chor experienced a profound soul healing and recovery from drug dependency with the iboga within a traditional Bwiti ceremony. Along with his wife, Elizabeth Bast, he then traveled to Africa to experience the traditional Bwiti initiation, rite of passage, and immersive healer’s training. They are educators and advocates for iboga, sacred medicine sustainability, the Bwiti tradition, indigenous people’s rights, drug policy reform, and holistic addiction treatment.


Retreat Volunteers, chefs and support staff — “Thank You for creating an atmosphere of the village at each unique session!” 



We create a safe environment, medically supervised, and spiritually protected, in order to provide Iboga in the most authentic shamanistic way we can outside of Gabon, Africa.