About Us - Ibogasoul
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About Us

Since IbogaSoul's inception in 2014, we have successfully treated and helped hundreds of people in reconnecting back to themselves. Check out our testimonials page to read what past guests have experienced.

Providing Iboga in the traditional shamanistic way that is still practiced by the Bwiti is our passion. We offer a treatment protocol that has been specially tailored by Bwiti shaman's to suit the western mindset and unique physical needs.

Mark has been providing Iboga since 2014 after being given his shaman's blessing to treat people.

Upon acceptance of a guest for treatment we take our responsibility very seriously. If we are not able to accept someone we do our best to recommend safe alternatives. IbogaSoul does not recommend any ween down procedures. Guests should contact their doctor for medical direction in relation to their case.

We respect and humbled that people are coming here to heal their lives - their most sacred gift.

The success of IbogaSoul's treatments is a testament to our teams dedication, respect, understanding and connection to the spirit of Iboga and everyone whom we treat.

Our nurse, Patrick Fishley, has over 26 years of ER experience. He reviews all medical tests and assists Mark in each guests unique treatment plans whether they are attending for withdrawal maintenance or psycho-spiritual experiences.

We are honoured and very happy to offer this powerful physical, mental and spiritual healing to people in need.

Do you or someone you know need a total ‘reboot’?
Are you stuck and keep making the same bad choices?
Is there a part of you searching for something more?
We are confident that if it is truth you are seeking, then we can open those doors.

Reach out and we will send our application package and answer any questions you may have.