IbogaSoul at The Sanctuary in Costa Rica November 2019 - IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing
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IbogaSoul at The Sanctuary in Costa Rica November 2019

Awaken your soul the sanctuary with IbogaSoul

IbogaSoul at The Sanctuary in Costa Rica November 2019

Wow. This summer has been such a gift. Clear skies, beautiful moments in nature and the gift of rains that calm our minds and cleanse the air.

IbogaSoul has been in an incubation period. A breathing out from the whirlwind of healing and powerful souls who came through our temple doors last year. Last month we welcomed participants for the first time this year. The lessons were impactful and the bonds formed will be lifelong! True medicine for the people <3

The team is inspired, passionate and ready to take on those that are ready and courageous enough to face themselves, their pain and reclaim their power.

This post is about the November sessions planned for Costa Rica.

There is a couple who runs Awaken Your Soul at The Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Anthony and Amber have been down in the dirt with us in Africa. They’ve put in the hard work of reclaiming their power and abolishing the patterns that kept them away from their happiness. In fact, as I type this they are in labour. Birthing a beautiful girl into this breathtaking world! (insert happy cry here.)

We love this couple and the beautiful healing offerings they’ve co-created so while they are enjoying the deliciousness of parenthood we will be ‘getting down the rabbit hole’ with some wonderful souls.. 🙂

Our offerings will be 3 Iboga ceremonies November 22- 29, 2019.

The lush rainforest, song birds, waterfalls and powerful spirits of nature will welcome you into a whole new world. A world of excitement, reclamation and love for life itself.

We will welcome you with open hearts and guide you on that precious journey back to yourself.

Check out The Sanctuary here.

Complete your application form here.

Look forward to a response from our team and enjoy the rest of your day!

From the love lane,

Robyn & Mark