IbogaSoul's Nurse Interviewed by E. Bast - IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing
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IbogaSoul’s Nurse Interviewed by E. Bast

IbogaSoul’s Nurse Interviewed by E. Bast

IbogaSoul places guest safety as our utmost priority.  Learn from our head nurse in these videos where he is interviewed by author and plant medicine advocate E. Bast.


Elizabeth Bast and her husband, renowned spray paint artist Chor Boogie, came to IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing to continue their plant medicine training and provide their passion towards helping people through their personal healing journeys with Iboga.  Elizabeth and Patrick sit down in IbogaSoul’s temple to discuss the importance of medical testing, the differences between iboga and ibogaine and so much more!

Elizabeth and Chor are both in the upcoming documentary, #MicrodoseMeMovie, that features IbogaSoul’s team helping a young woman recover her life. Click here to watch the thrilling trailer!

We have donated 3 Iboga Withdrawl Management Sessions to the Indiegogo Microdose Me Movie campaign. All funds from these treatments will support Microdose Me Movie’s late 2018 estimated release. This crowd funding initiative that will assist the indie film crew in finishing the movie in broadcast quality and realize the goal of entering it into the Sundance Film Festival and more outlets so that the masses can learn about the beneficial life healing effects of plant medicines in combination with spiritual traditions!