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Tradition to Honour the Dead

Tradition to Honour the Dead

Everyday is one to honour the dead as well as embrace the life we have. To know when you will pass on is what we, in the Bwiti tradition, refer to as God stuff. This truth humbles the psyche and can make it easier to enjoy this present moment, a choice we refer to as  wo/man stuff.  Remembering those souls no longer in physical form and to love the life we live is a grand opportunity indeed!

November 1 – 2 mark the annual celebration of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead in english. This is a Mexican tradition celebrated particularly in central and southern Mexico as well as in the United States.  Dia de los Muertos is the time to honour the dead as they understand this to be a time when the veil separating the physical and spiritual world to become thinner allowing their ancestors to visit and witness how they are being honoured.

Tradition is a valuable form of creating strong bonds with the community. The ritual of having an alter with photographs of deceased loved ones allows newer generations to forge a bond with those they did not have a chance to meet in the flesh.

The Bwiti tradition honours the ancestors through ceremony, song, dance and offerings.  Down in Gabon, Africa tradition has been steeping for thousands of years through stories, songs and rituals passed on to each generation orally.  It is understood through this tradition that we exist in both the spiritual world and the physical world which makes death simply a passing onto the next world. In the Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos this truth runs parallel to the Bwiti tradition in the reverence of life and understanding that every body will one day wither underground while the soul is set free back to whence it came.

Buenos Dia de los Muertos, Happy Halloween and may you keep the relationship strong with your ancestors.

From all of us at IbogaSoul,



Traditional mexican Day of the dead altar with sugar skulls and candles