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Think easy and life becomes easy

Think easy and life becomes easy

Are you in a pattern of making life more difficult then it needs to be?

Many people are not aware of the impact that their habitual thinking has on their lives. In other words, the saying ‘its just my luck’ or ‘I never win’ is you co-creating the undesirable experience. Imagine if you chose inspiring phrases such as ‘everything always works out for me’ and ‘I trust in the spiritual flow’.

The truth is that we are sponges of energetic and physical information as babies. From conception to birth the energetic quality of their womb home greatly effects development and as children we take on ancestral patterns and belief systems. If there are ancestral patterns such as anger, victimhood, jealousy, shame or guilt passed on in your line then it is your responsibility to break the chain not only for future generations but for your own life.  Life is the greatest gift you’ll ever be given and to take on other peoples trash will only bog it down.

Every human comes in as a piece of art awaiting creation and the environment they are raised in conspired to shape, score and sculpt them into the man/women they will become. Our lives are our masterpieces. All art is subjective.

In the Bwiti tradition there is a life truth ‘Think easy and life becomes easy.’ Allow the analytical mind to rest and experiment with putting this into practice. Think easy about yourself. This means to look for qualities that you admire and aspects of your life that make you happy. Vibrant health, abundant water, food, a place to call home, good people in your tribe, freedom to choose etc…

Thinking easy will attract what wants to come into your experience no matter how big or small.  This simple act of allowing breaks down imaginary barriers that cause anxiety over the future uncertainties. ALL FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN! We just will never know exactly what is going to happen, that’s part of the fun in life! Since that is that case why not start thinking easy? That way you’ll stop creating barriers for yourself.

Being hard on ourselves is detrimental to our happiness. It creates the illusion that we are never good enough. Like art, your success in life is subjective, so until you ease up with critical voice in your head and replace is with affirming words you’ll continue being unhappy.

Another block to thinking easy is that you care about what someone else thinks more than what you think. If you stop caring what other people think about you it is very easy to perceive good qualities about yourself. The self talk that puts you down ________(insert self abusing words here)_________ may seem easier to create because it’s on autopilot since we learned it from our mother/father/caregiver but the truth is that it is immensely draining your energy stores.  At first telling yourself that you are beautiful might be very difficult but the more you strengthen that thought muscle that lighter those words become. You want to be able to see your reflection and marvel at the masterpiece you see rather than picking apart all the things you hate or wish you could change.

It only matters how you think about yourself. How do you think of and speak to yourself?

Bwiti is the study of life and that is dependant on a person taking time to reflect on life as they fly through it.  IbogaSoul is a refuge for the soul. A calm sacred and safe space for you to lay all your cards on the table and allow for the overarching spiritual guides and plant medicines to help you heal mind body and soul.  Contact us if you decide that you are ready to take the ‘easy’ route to happiness.

+ Mama Robyn