Piercing Through the Darkness: guest testimonial at IbogaSoul - IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing
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Piercing Through the Darkness: guest testimonial at IbogaSoul

Piercing Through the Darkness: guest testimonial at IbogaSoul


Dear circle!

I just got back home from a one week retreat with the Iboga plant medicine in West Vancouver and I want to let you know that it has brought me back to life

in a miraculous fashion! It has transformed me in such a majestic way, it is the best thing I have ever done for myself and every human would benefit tremendously from

such an encounter.

Iboga holds the key to life and can clean and reset your body, mind and heart so profoundly, I cannot imagine having continued living

the way I was. I have gained a completely new perspective on myself and life. Life is not a burden anymore, its a gift, it loves you more than you can fathom…we dont see it

when we live in trauma because we are disconnected from our soul. I have literally retrieved my soul and fused with it. It is a feeling that cannot go away because

now, I dont believe…I KNOW. And we cannot “unknow” something.

I have such a profound respect and compassion for the girl I have been all my life, braving life with so little tools, carrying the heavy unconscious burden of 12 years of horror that

were my introduction to life. If I can heal from the worst form of traumas I can imagine, everyone can heal and start their life again, its never too late! In fact, its especially never too early if you really want it

and refuse to settle for less than bliss. It is so simple in the end! All you need is YOU!

Reaching unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself changes everything!

An Iboga ceremony lasts 24hrs…its a major challenge, lol. I had 2 of those over a week. It was worth every second I suffered through it (what is 48 hrs compared to 37 years!!!!) and I am fascinated by life now.

The treatment is $4500 and it was all the money I had, but I knew my life was on the line and I now laugh at the worry I had to pay so much for what could be just another attempt.

It was worth everything I have ever possessed in my whole life.

To any of you who still feel stuck and are seeking for the answer, well I cant imagine Iboga not accomplishing a mind blowing shift in your healing process.

If you are ready to face yourself and accept that the way you think is keeping you in darkness at this point, you will move on with the help of Iboga.

To reset your mind patterns is a primordial step that makes it possible to create anew from there and quit being sabotaged by a polluted outlook on yourself and life.

I now have the choice to shush the old beliefs that show up, with compassion and poise. I have never felt this empowered before.

I feel honored to share this testimonial with you. If you feel a call to take the journey, visit Ibogasoul.com and take the leap!!!

Get re-introduced to life and yourself! Iboga is an intelligence of galactic proportions. It knows every cell and thought that you are and can guide you right back to the

original happiness you are meant to live by…joy and beauty becomes a real thing, not

just an idea of what it should be like. Im excited to discover which ways I will find to experience nature’s playground.

Its like I really see the landscape around me for the first time when before, I

kept feeling like there was something missing in my ability to perceive and benefit from the beauty I was looking at, like a gorgeous sunset for example.

I am conscious of the magic now and I will always cherish the kindling in my heart that kept me alive until I could find my way out of illusion and into life

itself to experience this new found feeling of simply being. There is nothing to accomplish, its only about being! Life expects nothing from you, it is everything already, it is you and it is

complete by living through you. It created you just to be happy and celebrate its marvelous and colorful creations, and wherever you are now in your understanding

you can get to feel the way you want to feel once you truly meet with undeniable TRUTH

and apply yourself with the all encompassing intelligent help of Iboga medicine. Let it infuse you with the codes of nature, with trust and respect,  it will not fail you.

Everything you need comes from life, everything you want comes from life…and YOU ARE LIFE! You matter to every single thing around you. You ARE everything!

Love a blade of grass and you love yourself…

Simplify your quest, take this shortcut, you deserve it!

All my love to you.

Be kind and patient to yourself, you made it all the way here through a thick fog…its grandioso!


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