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This Is What We Know: The Bwiti Tradition

This Is What We Know: The Bwiti Tradition

Bwiti (b-WE-tee) is a traditional spiritual path from Gabon, Africa — meaning “The study of Life “. It is a tradition built around the sacrament Iboga.

IbogaSoul only uses the full Iboga root directly from our village in Gabon, Africa.

IbogaSoul only uses the full Iboga root directly from our village in Gabon, Africa.

Iboga is a plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years for spiritual discovery.
To study ones life we use our god-given senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, touch and intuition. This allows us to discern truth from falsity and follow our spiritual insights and guidance.

Everyone is made in the image of our Creator.
The fabric that connects us all is love and every Man is both a spiritual being (soul) and has a physical (mind-body).
A part of ourselves, our soul, resides in the spiritual world as well as within our very hearts — the seat of the soul.

In the Bwiti tradition we use the sacred Iboga plant medicine to understand these life truths by experiencing them in ceremony with the medicine.  Iboga is a spiritual medicine also known as an entheogen which allows one to ‘dream’ while still awake. This process opens windows into the realm of spirit and provides Universal information so a person can know truth by virtue of first hand experience!


We know that the soul will never lie to us but also that our minds can stifle out her/his voice (inner voice) which can create inner turmoil and negative consequences in ones life.


Nature is our ally, in fact we are ourselves a part of nature.
When we abuse nature we pay the ultimate price which is misery.

Simply put, if you are used to focusing on negativity (even if you don’t think you do) about yourself or the world this is you abusing nature (yourself) which will always bring about misery in some form.

A psychospiritual journey with Iboga helps our guests realize WHERE they are creating misery in their life experience and HOW to co-create the opposite.


The purpose of our lives is to be happy and co-create ‘heaven on Earth’ with our brothers and sisters in community with Nature. By using our god-given senses, power of thought and the spiritual forces surrounding us we know that all people can create happiness.

We continue to study our lives in each moment so that we may unfold into the limitless fabric of the natural universe.


If these words create a resounding “YES!” within you then please contact us so that you may experience.

Our sessions are not just for resolving addictions… no that’s just one benefit of this medicine.  Iboga and this Bwiti tradition open up doorways into the soul and free people from their own limiting beliefs.