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Iboga & The Purpose of Your Life

Iboga & The Purpose of Your Life

Iboga & The Purpose of Life

Let this conversation begin with a reminder that the only way to truly know something is by experiencing it.

Iboga is such a self exploratory tool that it allows the journeyer to re-evaluate parts of their life from a neutral perspective brimming with truth. What this means is that the iboga medicine opens doorways into the subconscious mind where the plethora of beliefs, thought patterns, habits and memories dictate how we think, speak and act in our waking life. Once these doorways are open one is able to perceive life’s events and understand the truth of what really happened from a ‘birds eye view’ from the soul, so to speak.

The IbogaSoul team has been able to be way showers, with help from the Iboga spirit, for guests to heal trauma including all types of abuse and PTSD.

For this we are humbled and grateful for life itself.

Right! The purpose of life…

What do you believe you were put onto this Earth to do?

What do you think your mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents and friends life purposes are?

I smile as I type these words because the human brain has an amazing ability to over-think and over-complicate the simplest of matters. . .

Which brings us to the smooth and satisfying climax of this post,

The purpose of life is to be happy!

Amazing isn’t it?

Now stop that wonderful analytical brain from dissecting and disproving the above statement and let me also say this.

If everyone pursued their hearts desires by passionately unleashing their full potential into whatever they felt called to do would you agree that they would be happy?

Of course they would!

So if you want to know the purpose of the amazing life you’ve been gifted then take time for yourself.

Begin to create a burning desire to know who you are which will awaken you to the knowledge of what your truly want and how to achieve it.

Miracles aren’t created by the faint of heart but by the passionate souls who take their lives into their own power and fulfil their life’s purpose!


This truth will only be words, someone else’s knowledge, until you experience it for yourself.


Come discover the purpose of your life… you’ll be happy you did! (Check out what past guests have to say here)