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How To Fly Across Country with a Baby

How To Fly Across Country with a Baby

First off you might think “What is a post about flying across the country with a baby doing on an Iboga website?”

Great question friend!

To answer your query it’s important to share that along with providing Iboga we also share the oral Bwiti tradition from Gabon, Africa.

Bwiti means the study of life and I can tell you from first hand experience that flying with my 4 month old son was a VERY REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE !

Have you ever been faced with a looming unknown experience? How did you feel and think about these upcoming moments?

My pre-bwiti/iboga mind might have raced with worries, doubts and fears. I may have confided in friends and family in attempts to verify that these immobilizing thoughts were valid.

Of course post-bwiti/iboga my mind is rational regarding potential threats however I do not allow myself to succumb to F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real)

Let’s get to the point of this post shall we!

How to fly across country with a baby:

  1. KNOW that you want a peaceful flight experience and TRUST in yourself to make it happen. The truth is that you cannot control your baby 100% but you can create the most relaxing atmosphere possible for the little one 🙂
  2. Have your little one strapped onto you in a carrier. This will ease tension in both of you as you manoeuvre towards your gate. I had my baby nursing in his holder which allowed him to gently fall asleep amidst many eager airport travellers. I use MamaKangaroo holder as pictured on the left.13942606_10153827754127963_1478393699_n
  3. If you can book the airport lounge then do!  AirCanada’s lounge cost $50 when you book an economy flight but it comes with complimentary food and beverages.  I found that the comfy leather couches and silence for baby and I were invaluable. I also ate/drank quality food and snagged some magazines for our flight (definitely more than $50 worth)
  4. If you can pre purchase an aisle seat with extra leg room do! This also cost $50 and was worth every dollar!  We booked closest to the front of the plane in economy for ease of entrance and departure.
  5. [If you are nursing] Have baby latched upon ascent and descent. The swallowing actions will help ease and pain from pressure changes in your little ones ears which will ease you into a peaceful flight (as well as your cabin mates!)  A bottle can achieve similar results for babes ears. Note: Be sure that baby is hungry to departure and arrival!
  6. Smile and make eye contact with your plane mates as you enter the cabin. This connection builds like and trust in you and makes people have compassion for the lady/man travelling with a baby! Humans innately want to help others and bridging a gap in connection can go a long way!  A lovely couple sitting beside us offered to pick up my luggage off the carousel in Toronto 🙂
  7. Pack a carryon with essentials that are easy to access. Place a change of clothes and a diaper in a ziplock bag incase of a diaper explosion or spill.  **Also bring a bottle (5 – 15mL) of Lavender essential oil to inhale and ease both you and baby. Keep documents, headphones and any devices you’ll want to play with handy.
  8. Breathe.  All is well and you are going to enjoy your flight.
  9. Smile. : ) Simply because you can!


Iboga has helped me think differently. Think positively.flight with baby

Along with this benefit I now know that my life is a gift and so is my son.
Treasure your life and cherish the moments spent with loved ones.



xo+ Robyn