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A Spiritual Seekers IbogaSoul Experience

A Spiritual Seekers IbogaSoul Experience

The day is bright and so am I as I organize the plethora of positive guest testimonials IbogaSoul has received! 


Kevin experienced one Iboga ceremony with us. Like many other guests he came not for drug addiction but to explore the spiritual world. He has devoted over a decade to meditation and self exploration.  Kevins experience yielded no visionary experiences nor was he able to make contact with his soul… every experience is different and as providers we know that the medicine spirit continues to work with people after our sessions.  We know that guests who have decided to receive healing and positive life altering benefits will at the perfect time.

Here is an email we received the day after Kevin returned home after his session with us:

Dear Mark and Robyn,

Yesterday, during our drive to the bus station, Robyn told me a story about her relationship with her soul. She said that every time she looks into a mirror she knows that her soul is there smiling back at her.

Here is my story.

On the bus to Vancouver, being very tired, I was dozing trying to get some sleep. Then I had a vision of a bird landing on a cliff that was in front of me.

I asked: “What is your name,” and the bird became a rooster who started singing.

I asked: “Do you want me to wake up?” He nodded and gave me a sign with his head to follow him. He turned again into the bird and we started flying along the cliff above a sea.

Then the bird became a boy and caught up with him, as I wanted to see his face. He was I when I was about 7-8 years old.

I asked him:  “Kevin, is that you?”

The boy answered: “Yes.”

“Are you my soul?”

He said yes and asked: “Why did you leave me?”

I answered, “You have been always with me”, and immediately took his hand and continued flying with him. Then I hugged him and asked “Do you want to stay now with me?

The boy answered: “Yes.”

Now I feel like I received my childhood innocence back.

Thank you guys.
*For privacy reasons the name of our guest has been changed to Kevin.
A happy soul equals a happy human 🙂
Iboga and the Bwiti tradition are spiritual access tools here for people called to search for something more.

Please reach out if you are called to look deep within yourself and discover just that … yourself!

**The next available IbogaSoul session date is booking for December 2nd – December 9th, 2015.
Contact me for more details at mark@IbogaSoul.com or call 604.388.SOUL

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Yours in happiness and health,
+ Robyn