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3 Ways To Prepare for Your Iboga Journey

3 Ways To Prepare for Your Iboga Journey

Tonight I, Robyn, will be going on a journey into the deepest part of myself with the spirit plant medicine, Iboga. This will be my 3rd psycho-spiritual iboga journey other than the Bwiti women’s initiation I completed in 2013. Every experience with this sacred medicine has been unique and exactly what I needed at the time. Today I am humbled to express that in front of me there is a barrier, a speed bump rather, on my smooth road of happiness and it begins and ends with thought.

From my experience working with this medicine both for my personal healing as well as a provider apprentice I will now reveal to you 3 ways to prepare for your iboga journey .

1. Let your ego walls down.

Iboga is a medicine like no other and Bwiti offers tools to assist in the reintegration of life. It is best to leave all of your ‘tools’ of personal growth at the door and to watch-listen-follow your provider during the ceremony. When you let go of the egoic ideas of who you are, how the ceremony is supposed to be, how you are supposed to be, and your beliefs of right and wrong it is easy to let the spirit of Iboga help you heal. **Note that you must decide 100% to release your ego when entering into your iboga experience. In other words open your mind then go with the flow of the ceremony. 

2. Nourish Your Body 

The day of an iboga journey it is very important to nourish your body with healthy foods at breakfast and lunch.  It is even more important to stop eating after lunch time.  The medicine can cause nausea in some people (not all) as a way of detoxing so it is best if your stomach has digesting its food long before ceremony. **Note: not all people vomit on iboga. The medicine detoxes your body through any one of the bodies elimination systems (sweat, urination, excrement, vomit).

Iboga is nourishment for your soul. Your conscious thoughts and actions pre and post iboga will help nourish mind and body. The truth is that human beings are both spiritual and physical needing nourishment from both sides.

3. Write a List of Questions to Ask Your Soul

In a traditional Bwiti Iboga Psycho-Spiritual Journey your provider will take you to meet your soul.  Shamans in the Bwiti tradition have been using these exact same techniques to guide people to their souls so that they may know who they are and also receive guidance and truth from the spiritual world. Your soul will never lie to you however sometimes the truth can hurt like a knife straight to your heart. Many people are confronted with the reality that their soul is upset with them because of lies, self harm, negative thoughts and choices made from egoic guidance. Your soul offers gentle guidance throughout life because everything you experience he/she experiences as well. You list of questions should be constructive for your life moving forward after iboga. Questions such as:

  • How can I value myself 100%?
  • Where do these patterns of self defeat/jealousy/addiction come from?
  • How can I create a life of happiness, health and good fortune?
  • How can I stop caring what other people think of me?
  • Show me a blueprint of my life.
  • How can I forgive those who have wronged me?
  • What is my purpose?

When a provider guides you on a psycho-spiritual journey the answer you relay comes straight from the spiritual world.  Many times people cannot believe the truths that come through them the days following ceremony. One thing is for sure, if you are seeking answers then the number one consciousness to trust is your soul. Iboga and a Bwiti provider can be the bridge to your inner healing because when you change yourself the entire world around you changes.

Tonight I surrender to the medicine and humbly accept Iboga as my teacher. “Base!” (“truth!”)

If you know or sense that there are ingrained patterns within your psyche holding you back from being truly happy then I highly recommend working with a traditionally trained Bwiti Iboga provider. 🙂

So off I go!
Stay tuned friends, I’ll share a post-psychospiritual blog in a few days 🙂

x+ Robyn