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5 Ways to Know You Are Ready for Iboga

5 Ways to Know You Are Ready for Iboga

5 Ways to Know You Are Ready for Iboga BOOK COVEREverything is available to you so long as you know what you want.


01. You’ve been searching for something more.   

The daily bump and grind of the 21st century western society has left millions of people tired, broke and disillusioned about what life is truly about.  What is your purpose? If you wish to know then you are ready for Iboga.

02. Your body could use the planets quickest and most efficient detox remedy.

Wake up. Coffee. Cigarette. Fast food breakfast. Coffee. Drive/bus to work. Vending machine snack. Drive/bus home. Microwave dinner + T.V. Sleeping aid to get what you call rest so that you can do it all over again. “Ding ding, round 10,506!” Does this sound like the habitual pattern of you or someone you know? Even if your routine is different yet you know it is not to your ideal potential then you are ready for Iboga.

03. Your mind constantly runs and it’s not always positive. 

Wake up (“Oh f**k, another day. I wish I didn’t even wake up”) Coffee (“Ouch! S**t I burnt my mouth..) Cigarette (“This is going to be a horrible day.. ugh FML”) Fast food breakfast (“YES!! I SAID BREAKFAST BLT!! CAN’T YOU PEOPLE DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!) Drive to work (“OHH YOU F***ing M#%ns$^#(%#*)@! WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO DRIVE?!!?!?!?!) Bus to work (Why are those two girls laughing and looking my way? Is there something on my face? I knew I shouldn’t have worn this outfit. I’m such a loser. Why am I even alive..”) Vending machine snack “Well fatty you might as well have the Mr.Big… it’s not like Mr.Right is going to magically appear in your sad little life.) Drive home (“Bloody h**l the g*%@$@#% sun is right in my eyes. WHY  do I have to drive home EVERYDAY facing this blaring ball from hell???”) Bus home (“Please nobody start a conversation… I’ve had such a terrible day that I think I might bite off someones head if they attempt casual talk right now!”) Microwave dinner + T.V (“Ahhh finally I can escape into the Kardashians … I wish I had their life … and more than this pathetic weight watching excuse for a meal. Sleeping aid (“Please god don’t let me wake up tomorrow because I’m dreading another day in hell.”)

Whoa. Unfortunately this is the reality for many people and sadly many do not realize how harmful to their well-being that negative thinking is.  Fortunately if you resonate with this example and want to change it then you are ready for Iboga.

04. You want to learn how to create the life of your dreams. 

At IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing we focus on sharing the age-old African traditions of Bwiti: the study of life. We know that the only way for you to know truth is to experience it. We act as way showers to the medicine by sharing this oral tradition while Iboga acts as your guide. If you want to know universal truths and how to use them for yourself rather than merely believing based in faith then you are ready for Iboga.

05. You want to become a healthier, happier person and the best role model for yourself, your children and grandchildren.

How many years have you spent studying in school? 5, 12, 16, 25+ years maybe?  How many years have you spent studying life itself? If you want to study and know the guidebook of life from Africa’s (and quite possibly the planets) oldest spiritual and physical tradition then you are ready for Iboga.

If you answered “Heck yes!” to any of these examples then you may contact us at IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing to begin your application process.  Experiencing Iboga in combination with the Bwiti tradition is the safest and most beneficial way for people in the western world to experience the results they need. We will meet you halfway… all you need to do is decide.

x+ Robyn