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11 Simple Ways To Rock Life!

11 Simple Ways To Rock Life!

Deep down you know that you rock!

So why are you limiting yourself with lingering negative thoughts?

You’ve done some work on your personal life. Good for you : ) Here are some more tools for your box.  

You’re welcome!

1. Whenever you are faced with a decision choose toJust Do It’ or ‘Fuck It‘. There’s no room for ‘maybe’ in life.

2. Whether you decide to ‘Just Do It’ or to ‘Fuck It’ do it 110%. Anything below 100% = 0%. NEVER half ass anything in life!

3. Awake and be grateful everyday for the gift of the present. (it’s the only place you can use your senses!) 

4. Only talk to and about yourself in positive ways. (this creates positive emotions!)

5. Look deep into your soul filled eyes daily and say “I love you!” (you may ‘fake it’ until you make it real)

6. Consciously make a habit of smiling daily (as much as feels good!) ;D

7. Keep your mind focused on your targets: goals and dreams. (keep thoughts away from negative ‘realities’) You literally create change with your thoughts.

8. Take action on your targets every day. (every minute wasted on negatives is a minute lost from making your goals a reality)

9. Attract everyone/everything you need by asking your soul for help. (Your soul will do anything for you as long as you are treating yourself well with positive thoughts, words and actions)

10. At days end reflect on what you’ve done well and refrain from judging yourself in a negative way.

11. Love yourself by not giving a fuck about people who judge you or otherwise send negative thoughts your way!

Remember that if you want to live a rocking happy life then all you have to do is change your thought process to match.

You cannot plant tomato seeds and expect corn to grow.

Life is the same. Positive thoughts = Positive life.

Love Robyn +