Robyn on Toronto transit ( TTC ): REALITY - IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing
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Robyn on Toronto transit ( TTC ): REALITY

Robyn on Toronto transit ( TTC ): REALITY

Riding the subway is such an experience if you pay attention to what is actually going on.

There are thousands of people who ride the trains daily in Toronto yet finding a smiling person is akin to finding a diamond in rough or a needle in a haystack.

I am an optimist and constantly wear my smile proudly however it is apparent to me who is still hiding behind a mask of personal and social disconnect.

Basically, many people believe that they are their minds and thus become stuck in their heads allowing their thoughts to control them. Humans are naturally meant to use the mind as a tool and operate it from the drivers seat of the soul.

You see, your mind is simply that a tool that you (a soul!) has the power to control. Think about it, feeling begins in thought. Your heart does not have eyes to see so it must take its cues from the mind. Whatever thoughts you are creating (or subliminally receiving via media/people etc…) send signals to your heart which takes it all as truth.

Think negative and depressing thoughts and you’ll feel depressed. Think positive, peaceful and joyful thoughts and you’ll feel the same! Life is that simple, I promise.

Now you may be saying “Robyn, that all sounds fine and dandy but I just cannot for the life of me control my mind! It always goes towards negativity or fear!”

No fear, I have the solution! *We are here to act as a bridge for the answer to this problem whether or not you acknowledge that it is YOU who needs to do something to help yourself.

The Answer: Iboga is a plant medicine from three regions in Africa. We have initiated into a tribe, in Gabon, who has been practising a tradition that is over a thousand years old and working with Iboga which they use to study life itself. This is one thing all humans have in common regardless of our differences; LIFE. The Bwiti tradition offers invaluable truths, honours and respects all who cross its path, and in combination with the plant medicine, Iboga, allows a person to literally reprogram their mind so that they CAN take back control of their mind and CREATE the life they desire!

Back to the subway car…

How would this subway car be if half its riders had experienced Iboga?

I imagine there would be much more eye contact, smiles and conversations between all the awakened souls. We all have invaluable information to share with other people, however we cannot communicate this knowledge effectively if we are sleeping behind the mask.

What mask are you wearing ?

If you want to help make this world a better place then start by taking of the mask that your thoughts are creating.  The world needs you to be happy first and foremost and that begins when you take back the reigns that are directing your mind!


* We are IbogaSoul Canada, the only traditional Bwiti Iboga healing centre in North America!